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A Taste of Italia, from Meredith New Hampshire

 Morécello ®  is a blackberry cello made by a generations-old secret family recipe that preserves the taste of fresh-picked blackberries. It is akin to limoncello but far tastier, far healthier, and without the acidity.  It may very well be the healthiest thing you can buy in a liquor store.  

As a digestivo, it is traditionally enjoyed ice cold in small servings after your meal to settle the stomach.  But there are also numerous cocktails in which it is the star ingredient or plays a supporting role.   And its almost syruppy consistency lends it well to use in desserts and other foods. 

Drink more cello… Morécello

A taste you need not acquire.

But please drink it responsibly.

And never drink and drive.


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Morecello is the registered trademark of Black Cove Beverages LLC, Meredith, NH

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Morecello is the registered trademarks of Black Cove Beverages LLC, Meredith, NH

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